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Minster Pool & Walk Restoration

Published on Monday, 23rd August 2010

Archived content: The page you are reading is a news article which was published over a year ago. As a result, information may be incomplete or out of date.

Work to restore Minster Pool and Walk starts.

Work has begun on the restoration work to Minster Pool, Walk and Memorial Gardens. 

Visitors to Minster Pool will notice that a large section of the pool's bank is being repaired. This is because the edge of the pool has started to wear away, revealing tree roots. 

A new vertical edge that will line the edge of the pool is being built out of local stone, to match the Dam Street wall and cathedral. This will protect the trees roots, and also allow the council to replace the five missing trees in the avenue of trees along Minster Pool Walk. Along the walk, every alternate tree in the avenue will be lit up at night, creating a stunning site for evening walks.

Councillor Neil Roberts, Lichfield District Council's Cabinet Member for Development Services, said: "I am pleased another stage of the restoration works has started. This work to Minster Pool will help us to preserve this beauty spot for future generations." 

On top of the work to strengthen the bank, the historic area will also see new railings, resurfaced path, seating and planting. 

Elsewhere, work is gathering pace in the Garden of Remembrance with restoration works to the war memorial nearing completion. 

The new balustrade and gate pier foundations are complete, and supporting the restored balustrading which is currently being rebuilt. The balustrades will be cleaned, piers rebuilt and restored gates reinstated, along with the stone lions. 

Beacon Park's new bowling green is being constructed, and work to the park's pool is nearing completion. 

The foundations for the park's new poolside café and Swinfen Broun Pavilion extension have also been laid. 

Work to the children's new play area is well underway, and, in the meantime, children are enjoying the temporary giant enclosed sand pit, complete with a toy train and springy chickens. A temporary wood and rope balancing course, next to the enclosed play area, has also been launched at the park.

To make sure children do not miss out on fun at the park, while the works are going on, the Council's Leisure team is holding play sessions at Beacon Park every week day from 1.30pm to 4.30pm, and some weekend activities as well. To see the summer programme of play, visit

"We'd like to thank everyone for bearing with us while these restoration works take place, and know it will be well worth it," added Cllr Roberts. 

These works have been possible thanks to £3.919 million funding from Heritage Lottery Fund and the Big Lottery Fund, as part of their Parks for People programme.

There are 3 responses to “Minster Pool & Walk Restoration ”

  1. avatar Neil says:

    The restoration work looks impressive but I feel the new railings along Minster Walk are too high; they really spoil the open aspect of the area. Also, the ducks will not be able to access Minster Walk so many people will be denied the pleasure of feeding the ducks. Why is it necessary for the railings to be so high: Surely it cannot be for "health and safety" reasons- if it is, does that mean that tall railings will also be installed along canal towpaths?

  2. avatar Trevor says:

    I agree with Neil's comments and would add :-
    I assume that similar height railings are to be installed to the Garden of Remembrance side of the pool for the same reason, thus imprisoning the pool completley

  3. avatar Gail says:

    These railings are awful. What on earth were LDC thinking? Please save face by removing them and do not pretend they look fine when everyone can see that they do not. They ruin a beautiful scene of Edwardian planning. Come on LDC- do the right thing!

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