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Local Plan: The Southern Area

Policy SA.6: Little Aston Park

The special character of Little Aston Park is determined by the extensive mature tree cover and low density and individual design of dwellings in large plots. Additional development in the area defined on the Little Aston Inset Plan will only be allowed where the special character of the area is protected by the retention of all existing important established and mature trees and vegetation and by the provision of an arcadian setting for new and existing dwellings. All new and existing dwellings within subdivided plots must be accommodated within plots of at least half an acre (excluding long driveways) and retain the existing relationship of dwellings to the woodland setting.


15.20 Little Aston Park is a low density area characterised by its tree canopy and high quality environment. The policy is required to ensure that the existing character of the area is retained and in particular that the tree canopy of the area, which is important both from local and more distant viewpoints, is maintained.