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Postal votes & Burntwood Leisure Centre closure

If you've applied for a postal vote and not yet received it, or lost it, it's still possible to vote. Due to elections Burntwood Leisure Centre will close from: Thurs 7 May (6pm) - Sat 9 May (7.30am)

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Heritage trail

The franciscan friary (The Friary)

The Friary

The FriaryThe Friary was founded 1230. It was destroyed on the orders of Henry VIII in 1538 and little remains today of the monastery buildings.

The classical portico does not originate from the site. It was set up by the council in 1937 to frame the entrance to the excavated ruins of the Franciscan Friary.

The Clock Tower

Clock TowerAt the end of the Friary is the Clock Tower. In the late 1800s a Clock Tower was constructed at the end of Bore Street following the idea of 'Big Ben' in London. The Tower stood here until 1927 when a new Friary Road was constructed and the clock was seen as a major obstruction. It was re-erected opposite Friary Gardens, where it remains.