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Lichfield BID FAQs

We've put together some FAQs to help answer common questions about the BID. If you have any detailed questions about the Lichfield BID, what it will deliver and why your business is required to pay BID levy, please email the BID or call 01543 441806 or 07983 596055.

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Frequently asked questions about the BID

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How can I pay my BID bill?

The bill is due in one instalment.

Pay online via our payments system

Visit and click pay 'BID Levy' and follow the steps. 

Pay by phone

Call Lichfield Connects on 01543 308900. Please ensure that you have your BID account number and card payment details ready.

Online payment via your bank

Please make them payable to Lichfield District Council, Collection Fund, National Westminster Bank, sort code 53-70-15 account number: 03853527. Please quote your BID Levy account number as your reference.

By cheque

Please make cheques, money orders or postal orders payable to Lichfield District Council. We will not accept post-dated cheques. Please ensure that your name, address and BID Levy account number are written on the back of the cheque.

Deposit facilities for payments are available at:

  • District Council House, Frog Lane, Lichfield (open Monday to Friday 8.45 am to 5pm)
  • Burntwood Library, Sankeys Corner, Chase Terrace, Burntwood (during library opening hours).
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What is the BID for?

BID stands for Business Improvement District. It does not replace the statutory activities or services carried out by the council, police or other public agencies. It is an arrangement under which local businesses improve their own trading environment and agree via a BID operating company how the levy should be spent on a range of projects to boost the city centre, trading environment and increase footfall. Find out about the projects the BID will deliver at

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Who runs the BID?

The Lichfield BID is operated by Lichfield BID Limited, a wholly independent, non-profit distributing company limited by guarantee. It has a board of directors is made up of 14 members elected from all business sectors. Visit or email BID Manager David Tomlin or call him on 01543 441806 or 07983 596055.

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What do I pay my business rates for?

Business rates are a statutory local tax levied to provide generic services by the local authority. The BID levy will pay for specific services and functions on top of the base-line services that the council provides. These additional services are decided by the Lichfield BID Board in consultation with all businesses in the BID footprint area (see below) to increase footfall and consumer spend within the BID area. Find out about the projects the BID will deliver at

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What is the BID area?

The BID area includes: Backcester Lane, Bakers Lane, Beacon Street, Bird Street, Birmingham Road, Bolt Court, Bore Street, Breadmarket Street, Castle Dyke, Church Street, City Arcade, Conduit Street, Cross Keys, Dam Street, Friary Road, Frog Lane, Greenhill, Gresley Row, Lombard Street, Lower Sandford Street, Market Square, Market Street, Minster Pool Walk, Queen Street, Quonians Lane, Rotten Row, Sandford Street, Shaw Lane, St Johns Street, Station Road, Stonneyland Drive, Stowe Road, Stowe Street, Swan Road, Swan Mews, Tamworth Street, The Close, The Friary, The Tanneries,Three Spires Shopping Centre, Trent Valley Road,Tudor Row, Wade Street and Upper St John Street (before the railway bridge).

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Are all business properties included in the BID levy?

Yes all businesses in the BID area (see above) will receive a BID bill, apart from a small number of exempt properties (including non-retail charities) which will not pay a levy.

Speak to David Tomlin, Lichfield BID Manager to see if you qualify for an exemption. Email David or call him on 01543 441806 or 07983 596055.

The BID levy is set at a rate of no more 1.5% of your rateable value to a maximum of £3,000. If your business is located in serviced shopping area, such as Three Spires Shopping Centre, your BID levy will be 1% of your rateable value. If you own two or more properties in the BID area, you will receive two separate BID bills.

Your annual BID bill will show the rate at which your BID levy is calculated.

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Why is Lichfield District Council collecting the BID levy?

BID legislation provides for local authorities to be the billing body. In addition, the council already has systems and procedures in place to collect income such as the BID levy.

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What happens to the BID levy when it is collected by the council?

All money collected by the council is paid directly to the BID operating company (Lichfield BID Limited) to deliver projects and initiatives in the BID area.

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What happens if I don't agree with the BID Levy?

A ballot was carried out in July 2015 and all businesses in the BID area were given the opportunity to vote for or against the BID levy. The result of the ballot was a 'yes' vote, therefore all businesses liable for the levy are required to pay.

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What happens if I refuse to pay?

It is hoped that all businesses will see the benefits of contributing to the BID. In the event of non-payment, on behalf of the BID operating company (Lichfield BID Limited), the council will recover any sums due in line with normal recovery processes. This may mean that defaulters receive a reminder, final notice and may face ultimately court proceedings. However, the council will liaise with the Lichfield BID to discuss such cases and the Lichfield BID will encourage payment for the benefit of all.

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Can I pay by instalments?

You will receive a separate annual bill for your BID account and the terms of these are payment in full on 1 March each year, however six-monthly instalments to September are available on request. To request monthly instalments, please contact our customer services team on 01543 308000 (Monday - Friday 8.45am - 5.15pm). We hope that the option for instalments will make the BID levy easier to budget for and pay.

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Why is the levy not collected with rates?

Business Rates and the BID levy are completely separate. The council must collect business rates in line with statutory provisions which are different from the legal provisions surrounding a BID levy.

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Can I make alternative arrangements to pay?

Yes, you can pay either by a single payment or six-monthly instalments (see above). We have not put any other payment options in place, as it is not anticipated businesses will require special payment terms.

However, in certain circumstances, we (in conjunction with the BID operating company) may agree different payment terms.

If you want to discuss special payment terms, as a first step, please speak to BID Manager David Tomlin, by emailing David or calling him on 01543 441806 or 07983 596055.

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When will I start to see the benefits of the BID levy?

The BID Company developed a BID Business Plan as part of the ballot process. This is what businesses voted in favour of when they took part in the BID ballot. This is now being driven forward by the Lichfield BID Board - read the Lichfield BID business plan to see what projects and initiatives the BID will deliver. Real benefits will be delivered within year one of the BID term.

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Who should I contact if I want to discuss the BID in more detail?

Morag Pringle, Lichfield BID Manager will be happy to discuss the aims of the BID and to hear any questions or concerns you may have. Please email BID Manager David Tomlin or call him on 01543 441806 or 07983 596055.. More information is also available on the website

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How long does the BID last?

The current Lichfield BID term will operate for five years. It started on 1 October 2015 and will end on 30 September 2020.

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Will I pay the same amount every year?

Initially, yes. The levy is based on the rateable value of the property at 1 October 2015. The levy will change if the rateable value of the property also changes at the next rates revaluation, due in April 2017.

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What happens if my rateable value reduces because of an appeal I have made?

Reductions on rateable value will be taken into full consideration when calculating the levy for current and future years. However, reductions or increases in rateable value will only apply from 1 October following the amendment.

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What happens if I move my business out of the BID area or stop trading?

If you vacate your property and it is immediately taken over by another tenant, then they will be liable for the BID bill from the date of transfer. If you vacate the property and are still the legal owner, or tenant, you will still need to pay your BID levy.

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What happens if my property is empty/vacant?

There’s no reduction for empty properties, so either the tenant or the property owner will still be liable.

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