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Street naming and numbering FAQs

Please read the FAQs before contacting us. However, if your query is not addressed here please contact us on 01543 308763 or email

How long will my application or query take?

We will endeavour to respond to all enquiries/applications within 5 working days however, complex enquiries may take up to 10 working days. Every effort is made to acknowledge receipt of emails but this isn’t always possible. Nevertheless, please be assured your enquiry will be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Applications for naming of roads:

These are governed by slightly different timescales due to the consultation periods and/or objection periods. The Street Naming and Numbering officer will advise you of a realistic timescale as part of the process but if you want to discuss this any further, please do not hesitate to contact them.

How can I change my house name?

You must officially apply for a change in a house name or you risk issues with your address. You can apply using our 'Apply for it' page.

How are street names chosen?

We are responsible for naming and numbering all new streets and properties, including new developments in the district. Developers are encouraged to apply for street names early as utility companies require official addresses before allowing the connection of utility services to new properties.

Where possible names should reflect the history of the site or acknowledge the geography of the area, and cannot be chosen simply because they sound attractive. In addition:

  • Names cannot be duplicated in the district.
  • Names of living people are not normally allowed.
  • Names that could be seen as advertising are not acceptable.
  • Suggested names need to be sufficiently unique to avoid confusion or misunderstanding.
  • Names that could be considered offensive will not be accepted.

Further guidance for the naming of roads is available in the street name and numbering guidance document (see below)

Where new roads are constructed, developers can suggest suitable names to the council when they apply to us. However, a chosen name will need to be agreed by the local parish council that may also provide more suitable suggestions for the local area. We will support the final decision of the parish council in naming a new road.

I've moved into a new property and my address is not being recognised.

Alternatively, it may be that a request has not been made to us for naming/numbering the new properties. We are the street naming and numbering authority and addresses created by any other means are not official and will not be officially recognised. In these circumstances, you are likely to experience problems of address recognition. Royal Mail will only take instruction from us to add new addresses to their Postal Address File. Once we have received an application, a name or number will be applied and confirmed accordingly. We will then notify relevant parties of the new address. You should contact the developer or seller of your house to find out if they have made an application to us.

 If your property is within a large development, the developer is advised that we need to be notified when the properties are nearing completion and becoming occupied. This is so we can advise Royal Mail. It may be the case that we are still awaiting this confirmation.

My property is new and the postcode is not being recognised.

Once an official address has been issued and Royal Mail includes the information on their database, it will be up to companies using an address database to ensure their records are up to date. The frequency of companies updating their data varies and therefore a delay in companies recognising the new address is possible.

I think my postcode is incorrect.

We do not have any jurisdiction over postcodes as these are owned by Royal Mail. Royal Mail does have a facility on their website where you can look up a postal address and postcode. The information shown on their website will be the details held on their Postal Address File.

If you have checked Royal Mail and we are not holding the correct postcode, let us know.

The details on my postal address are not correct.

Royal Mail creates a postal address from address details issued by the council. We would therefore advise you contact us prior to contacting Royal Mail, unless your query is specifically relating to delivery of mail or a postcode query. If you approach Royal Mail first, they are likely to direct you to us depending on the nature of your enquiry.

If your property is new and you have not been issued an official address through the street naming and numbering process, Royal Mail will direct you to us.

If your property has existed for several years but has never been recognised by Royal Mail, you will need to contact us and we will direct Royal Mail accordingly.

I'm experiencing mail delivery problems.

Are you using the correct address details and postcode?

The address officially issued by the local authority will be given to Royal Mail for them to allocate a postcode. This is then the address that must be used. If you are using any other alternative, particularly postcode, it may cause problems. We do not have any responsibility for the effective delivery of mail and would therefore advise you contact Royal Mail customer services directly.

My address differs between council departments.

Ideally, every property should have one unique address. However, where departments have historically held their own addresses and variations of addresses, they may not match that being held within the Local Land and Property Gazetteer immediately. We are endeavouring to ensure that these discrepancies are resolved as quickly as possible and with minimal impact on property owners.

Please bear in mind that some departments are restricted to time of the year when changes can be made. For example, the Electoral Register can only make major changes immediately prior to a new register being published. Address changes made at any other time may not be recognised by credit agencies.

I have been paying council tax on my new property for several years but no one else seems to recognise the address.

If your property has not been through the street naming and numbering process, your address is unlikely to be recognised even though the council tax department have used the address they have been given. An application will be necessary so that the property can be subjected to the same criteria and checks outlined in this policy. We would particularly draw your attention to section 5 of this guidance.

The address held by our revenues department may therefore be subject to change once official naming and numbering has been issued. Alternatively, they will adopt the address we issue them as being the official address, particularly where the street naming and numbering process hasn’t been followed.

Mobile homes will be treated in exactly the same way as any other property.

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