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Pre-app charges and exemptions

Find out about our pre-app charges:

  • £42: Householder and advertisements. £35 extra per additional meeting.
  • £180: Change of use of land or buildings to a
    non-residential (dwelling) use.
  • £180: Minor developments - 1 to 4 dwellings; sites up to 0.49ha; up to 499sqm. £50 extra per additional meeting.
  • £360: Minor developments - 5 to 9 dwellings; sites of 0.5 to 0.99ha; 500 to 999sqm floor area. £100 extra per additional meeting.
  • £720: Major developments (b) - 10 to 49 dwellings; sites of up to 1.9ha or 1,000 to 4,999sqm gross floor area. £150 extra per additional meeting.
  • £1,440: Major developments (a) - 50 to 199 dwellings or 2ha to 3.9ha site area or 5,000 to 9,999 sqm gross floor area. £200 extra per additional meeting.
  • £2160: Strategic major developments - 200+ dwellings or over four ha site area or more than 10,000 sqm gross floor area. £300 extra per additional meeting.
  • To be agreed via negotiation: Planning Performance Agreement (PPAs) or bespoke arrangements in relation to large scale, complex or strategic proposals where a bespoke charge is more suitable. This may include schemes where a PPA is involved.

All charges are inclusive of VAT and are non-refundable. Download our schedule of fees for pre-application guidance for more information.

Are there any exemptions from charges?

The following pre-application discussions do not incur a charge:

  • Planning discussions following enforcement investigation
  • Where the enquiry is made by a local authority or county council
  • Where the enquiry is made by a parish or town council
  • Where the development is for the direct benefit of a disabled person/s (and as such there would be no fee incurred to make a planning application)
  • Works in respect of tree preservation orders
  • Works to a listed building or in a conservation area, where no planning application fee would be required.
  • Advice about how to submit a planning application or a fee enquiry.

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