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Local Plan Allocations open consultation representations

All representations submitted to the Local Plan Allocations open consultation:

(Please note there are no representations made under ID's LPAOC1, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 84)

LPAOC2 - Whittington Neighbourhood Group (Mr Gareth Hyde)

LPAOC3 - Paul Gilmour

LPAOC4 - Stafford Borough Council (Abby Brough)

LPAOC5 - Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council (Mike Smith)

LPAOC10 - Inland Waterways Association Lichfield Branch (Philip Sharpe)

LPAOC11 - Borrowcop and District Residents' Association (BADRA) (David Bostock)

LPAOC12 - Avant Homes

LPAOC13 - Hints with Canwell Parish Council (Peter Young)

LPAOC14 - Kenneth Leadbeater

LPAOC15 - HS2 Limited (James Fox)

LPAOC16 - C Zero Limited (Pegasus Group)

LPAOC17 - J Bradshaw (Rob Duncan Planning Consultancy)

LPAOC18 - Peter Button

LPAOC19 - Envirowatch.EU

LPAOC20 - Cork Farms (CT Planning)

LPAOC21 - JF Duncan (CT Planning)

LPAOC22 - Highways England (Letty Askew)

LPAOC23 - Gladman Development Limited

LPAOC24 - Janet Taylor

LPAOC25 - Lichfield & Hatherton Canals Restoration Trust (Luke Walker)

LPOAC26 - South Lichfield Residents Group

LPAOC27 - James MacDonald

LPAOC28 - Tamworth Borough Council (Sushil Birdi)

LPAOC29 - The Booth Trustees (Nigel Gough Associates)

LPAOC30 - Burntwood Action Group

LPAOC31 - Vic Chamberlain

LPAOC32 - Leavesley Group (Wardell Armstrong)

LPAOC33 - AJW Ryman & KM Ryman (Hawksmoor)

LPAOC34 - Jack Gillespie

LPAOC35 - Little Aston Golf Club (JMI Planning)

LPAOC36 - Davy Developments (Harris Lamb)

LPAOC37 - Mr & Mrs Hill (Maria Bailey Planning)

LPAOC38 - Development Securities Limited

LPAOC39 - Bovis Homes (Turley)

LPAOC40 - The Crown Estate (Savills)

LPAOC41 - Drayton Manor Park (Pegasus Group)

LPAOC42 - Bloor Homes (Pegasus Group)

LPAOC43 - Prologis (Delta Planning)

LPAOC44 - The Church Commissioners (Barton Willmore)

LPAOC45 - IM Properties (CBRE)

LPAOC46 - Elford Parish Council

LPAOC47 - Wigginton & Hopwas Parish Council

LPAOC48 - Estate of Neal Francis Thomas (Savills)

LPAOC49 - Miller Homes (Pegasus Group)

LPAOC50 - Orchard Properties (CT Planning)

LPAOC51 - Staffordshire County Council (James Chadwick)

LPAOC52 - Natural England (Anthony Muller)

LPAOC53 - Persimmon Homes & St Modwen Development Limited (Pegasus Group)

LPAOC54 - Mr Bhagi (JVH Town Planning Consultants)

LPAOC55 - Shipley Estates & Baxter Estates (JVH Town Planning Consultants)

LPAOC56 - Mr Leason (JVH Town Planning Consultants)

LPAOC57 - Mrs M Wiseman (JVH Town Planning Consultants)

LPAOC58 - Evans Property Group (Quod)

LPAOC59 - Mr Neachell (JVH Town Planning Consultants)

LPAOC60 - Hodgetts Limited (JVH Town Planning Consultants)

LPAOC61 - D Cliffe & J Fielding (JVH Town Planning Consultants)

LPAOC62 - Wilson Bowden Developments (Pegasus Group)

LPAOC63 - Mr Bliss & Messers Argyll (JVH Town Planning Consultants)

LPAOC64 - Mr Gough (JVH Town Planning Consultants)

LPAOC65 - GJL Property Developers (Lichfield) (JVH Town Planning Consultants)

LPAOC66 - Burntwood Action Group (Simon Cook)

LPAOC67 - Richborough Estates (Pegasus Group)

LPAOC68 - Clearwater Properties (Pegasus Group)

LPAOC69 - Legal and General UK Property Fund (Turley)

LPAOC70 - Walton Homes (JVH Town Planning Consultants)

LPAOC71 - Cala Homes (Cerda Planning)

LPAOC72 - KB Jackson & Sone & Mrs Mears (First City Limited)

LPAOC73 - PDSA (Brooke Smith Planning)

LPAOC74 - Flatagent Limited (Brooke Smith Planning)

LPAOC75 - Aucott Group (JVH Town Planning Consultants)

LPAOC76 - Acres Architecture Limited (Pegasus Group)

LPAOC77 - New Street LLP (Delta Planning)

LPAOC78 - Evans Property Group (Quod)

LPAOC79 - Fradley West Consortium (RPS)

LPAOC80 - Cannock Chase AONB

LPAOC81 - Daniel Wright (Pegasus Group)

LPAOC82 - Poplars Lichfield (Pegasus Group)

LPAOC83 - ENGIE (Savills)

LPAOC85 - Lioncourt Startegic Land (Planning Prospects)

LPAOC86 - Burntwood Town Council (Mary Danby)

LPAOC87 - Eden Wood Limited (Acquireland)

LPAOC88 - Lichfield Civic Society

LPAOC89 - Smith Brothers Farm Limited (Pegasus Group)

LPAOC90 - Messers R and RW Bartlett (Fisher German LLP)

LPAOC91 - FB Developments Premier Ltd, Mr H Minchall, Mrs G Bannister and M Lapworth Developments Ltd (CT Planning)

LPAOC92 - Elford Homes (CT Planning)

LPAOC93 - Watenhall Properties Ltd (Pegasus Group)

LPAOC94 - Mr & Mrs Astill (CT Planning)

LPAOC95 - Mr D Burton (CT Planning)

LPAOC96 - Woodland Trust (Justin Milward)

LPAOC97 - South Staffordshire Water (CT Planning)

LPAOC98 - Cannock Chase District Council (Clare Eggington)

LPAOC99 - South Staffordshire Water (CT Planning)

LPAOC100 - Mr P Smith (CT Planning)

LPAOC101 - Trustees of St John's Hospital (CT Planning)

LPAOC102 - The Booth Trustee's (Nigel Gough Associates)

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