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Sustainability Appraisal (SA)

The policies and proposals contained in the Local Plan must be appraised to ensure that they contribute to the aims of Sustainable Development. The SA/SEA document sets out the results of this appraisal. 

Local Plan Review

An SA/SEA Scoping Report for the Local Plan Review has been developed, which is being subject to SA/SEA. In line with the SEA Regulations, we are issuing this consultation to the Statutory Consultees for this process (Natural England, Historic England and the Environment Agency). Consultation took place for five weeks between 18 December 2017 and 22 January 2018. This consultation is now closed.

Local Plan review SA scoping report (December 2017)

Local Plan Allocations (Focused Changes) Document

An updated sustainability appraisal has been prepared. The site reference numbers used within Appendix E are those references used for sites within the SHLAA which can be viewed by clicking here. The site references used within the Local Plan Allocations (Focused Changes) Sustainability Appraisal 2018 are those references used within the Local Plan Allocations (Focused Changes) document.  Due to the size of the document it has been split into several parts which can be viewed using the links below:

Local plan allocations sustainability appraisal downloads


The previous version of the sustainability appraisal can be viewed and downloaded using the links below:

Local plan allocations sustainability appraisal downloads

Local Plan Strategy

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