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Procurement policy

Procuring services fairly, safely and efficiently

We are committed to procuring goods and services in an efficient, fair, equitable, safe and environmentally conscious way. Our approach includes: 

Equal opportunities  

We are proud to be an equal opportunities employer and are committed to promoting equality of opportunity for all people irrespective of sex, age, race or disability. As a council we are keen to work with suppliers that not only abide by equal opportunities legislation, but are delivering best practice in this area. As part of our tender process, suppliers are asked to give evidence that they have due regard to equal opportunities policies and are committed to them.

Environmental policies 

We are striving to deliver our services with the least possible cost to the environment. As part of this we aim to purchase fewer environmentally damaging products, promote greater use of renewable sources, and work with suppliers who adopt environmentally friendly practices. As part of some tenders, you may be requested to supply evidence of your practices and procedures as they relate to the environment.

Health and safety

We are committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of our employees, and those who work for us through a third party. We will only award contacts to organisations who can prove they meet health and safety requirements. We will ask suppliers to demonstrate their compliance with current health and safety legislation, including:

  • a commitment to the health and safety of its employees, clients and others
  • up to date health and safety policies and procedures
  • adequate risk assessment procedures
  • an adequate system of monitoring and reporting accidents, incidents and ill-health
  • access to competent health and safety advice
  • contracts are monitored to ensure compliance with contract standards and health and safety requirements

Complying with rules and regulations

All our contracts comply with UK and EU law and our own contract procedure rules and financial procedure rules, which govern our contracting activities and procedures for obtaining quotations/tenders and awarding contracts. As part of this we:

  • Follow procedures that are ethical, environmentally friendly, accountable and compliant with procedural, legal and international obligations.
  • Aim to achieve continuing improvement in value for money, based on whole life costs and quality of goods and services.
  • Help to improve the competitiveness of suppliers and support the local economy.

For information on how we look to procure goods, services and work, please take a look at our procurement flow chart.

Managing contracts/tenders effectively and efficiently

To achieve this all contract/tenders will be monitored throughout the contract period, and will be subject to several performance reviews. As a supplier you must ensure that quality and performance stated in the tender documents are maintained (or improved) throughout the contract period.

We will also take into consideration any feedback that the supplier's performance does not meet the required levels as part of ongoing contract reviews. If the feedback is of a serious nature, we may take immediate action.

If you require any further information about how we manage contracts and tenders, please email

Our standard terms and conditions

Download our standard terms and conditions, which apply to all contracts, orders and purchases (unless an alternative is provided).

Any questions?

If you need more information please email

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