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Complaints and feedback

We aim to support and improve the quality of life for everyone in the district by meeting customer needs and delivering first class public services - find out more about our customer promise, which sets out the standards we aim to uphold. As users of our services, we value your opinion on the quality and way in which they are provided.

Find out about how you can give your views on our services using the links below, or download our corporate comments complaints and suggestions leaflet.

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Suggestions and compliments

If you have a suggestion about how we could do things differently to improve service delivery, please let us know. It is also important that we know if you are satisfied with the quality of service provided, and therefore we welcome compliments.

Please feel free to share your views with our staff in person, in writing or by using our complaints, suggestions and compliments form.

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If you feel we are doing something wrong, or have given you a poor service, we need to know about it so that we can deal with it as soon as possible. 

Tell us about it first

The quickest way to sort out a problem is to contact us to give us the chance to put things right - we've got lots of online forms in our report it section to help you do this - whether that's a noise complaint, a missed bin or a planning issue. 

Make a formal complaint

If you've already reported the issue to us and it's not been resolved satisfactorily or if you feel the matter needs further investigation, please follow the steps below.

Please remember that the more information you are able to give us, the easier it will be to investigate your complaint.

Stage one

The first thing to do is to contact the section responsible by telephone, letter, email, in person or complete the complaints, suggestions and compliments form. If you prefer a member of staff will write down the complaint for you.

At stage one, your complaint will be looked into by the service manager responsible for the service area about which you are dissatisfied.

Stage two

If you have been through stage one of our complaints process and are dissatisfied with the response we have provided, you can request that the complaint be passed to the chief executive to arrange for an independent senior officer (director or head of service) to carry out an investigation.

At each stage of your complaint, you will be given a staff name and contact number and you will be contacted within 20 working days to inform you of the outcome or report progress.

You will receive a formal written response at the end of each stage. Find out more about what to expect in our complaints policy.

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Not satisfied with the outcome?

If, at the end of the our two-stage complaints process, you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can contact the Local Government Ombudsman. The ombudsman provides an impartial and confidential service free of charge and investigates allegations of maladministration causing injustice to the person who has complained. If you do contact the ombudsman, you will be asked if your complaint could be settled locally, so you must try to resolve your complaint through our procedure first.

You can view the Local Government Ombudsman's website, call them on 0845 602 1983, or write to:

Local Government Ombudsman, The Oaks, No.2, Westwood Way, Westwood Business Park, Coventry CV4 8JB.

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What are not complaints?

Where possible, all complaints will be dealt with using the process set out above, but there are some exceptions. These include:

  • A request for a service - find out how to request services in our apply for it and report it sections. This doesn't include a service failure, for example if an officer has failed to keep an appointment with a customer.
  • Applicants for planning permission who are not happy with the planning decision. Instead applicants would need to follow the planning appeal process.
  • Insurance claims or contractual disputes.
  • Complaints made about councillors. Find out about the correct procedure here.
  • Reopening a complaint that has already been to the Local Government Ombudsman and closed.
  • A complaint that is subject to, or has already been through, court or tribunal proceedings, or there is a separate appeals process to a court or tribunal service.
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Our promise to you

The level of service you will receive during the investigation of your complaint at stages one and two is set out below:

  • Your complaint will be acknowledged within three working days. 
  • Our target is to give you a full response within 20 working days or let you know why it is not possible to achieve this together with a new target date. 
  • You will not be treated adversely as a result of making a complaint. 
  • Confidentiality - the information you provide is protected under the Data Protection Act 1998. In order to process this information, your details may need to be passed to a relevant third party (the identity of a person making a complaint will only be made known to those who consider the complaint and not revealed to any other person, or made public by us), if you do not want this information passing on, please let us know. Anonymous complaints will be investigated as far as possible in accordance with the set procedure. 
  • Where we are at fault, we will do our best to put things right.
  • Download our complaints policy.
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Find out more

At any stage of the complaints procedure you can contact:

Your local councillor - view full details of councillors including their names and addresses.

Partnerships & policy team - write to: Partnerships & Policy, Lichfield District Council, District Council House, Frog Lane, Lichfield, Staffs WS13 6YY or call 01543 308000.

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Complaints about councillors

Find out about how to make a complaint about a councillors and how complaints about councillors are handled.

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Any questions?

If you have any questions, please contact our corporate performance team on 01543 308000.

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