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Lichfield District Compact

The Lichfield District Compact is an agreed way of working between the voluntary and community sector when they come together in partnership(s).

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Why do we need a Compact?

During the 1990s, increasing emphasis was placed on the development of multi-agency partnerships to identify and address needs in communities. The contribution of the voluntary and community sector was being recognised as crucial to this process, however it was not being treated as an equal partner and its specific needs for engagement in partnership working were not being met. As a result, in 1998 the Government agreed a Compact with the voluntary and community sector nationally with an expectation that it would be rolled out locally over time.

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How was the Lichfield District Compact developed?

The Lichfield District Compact was developed by a multi-agency steering group set up in June 2003 and the Local Compact was adopted in March 2004.

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What's in the Compact?

The Compact contains principles that are shared by all those who sign up to it and shared and individual responsibilities that apply to the sectors. There are specific sections covering:

  • Policy and consultation
  • Funding
  • Volunteering
  • Community participation
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More about the Compact

Does it apply to me and my organisation?

If you work in partnership with the voluntary and community sector or statutory agencies, apply to a statutory agency for funding, make a partnership application for funding, need or want to consult with the voluntary and community sector or statutory agencies, use volunteers within your organisation, then the answer is yes.

How do I know if my organisation is involved?

In the near future all participating organisations will be asked to nominate Compact Champions who will be responsible for ensuring that everyone in their organisation is aware of and working within Compact principles.

What happens if a problem arises?

At the moment the Steering Group is receiving feedback on problems with a view to them being resolved informally. In the future it may be necessary to set up a mediation process for issues that cannot be resolved in this way.

Who is taking responsibility for overseeing the implementation of the Lichfield Compact?

The Steering Group is still taking this responsibility. However, the Local Strategic Partnership Board has been asked to take this on and negotiations to progress this are taking place. It is anticipated that the Board will nominate a group to carry out this work on its behalf and receive regular monitoring reports.

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