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Biodiversity strategy

In response to the national and local decline of wildlife, we produced a biodiversity strategy in 2003. It aims to protect and enhance existing natural resources and to promote public awareness and involvement. It also sets out the key habitats of importance for nature conservation in the district and guides the delivery of wildlife legislation and good practice.

Who should use it?

  • Local people
  • Departments within the authority
  • Planning applicants

The strategy can be used to help develop work programmes, development proposals, project delivery and site management.

Introduction to the strategy

Over 100 species have become extinct in the UK over the last century, species-rich habitats have declined dramatically and the remaining areas are still under significant threat. Within Staffordshire, heathland covers less than 10% of its former extent.

Between 1979 and 2000, Lichfield District lost 80% of its broadleaved woodland. In the same period it lost a significant percentage of its County Sites of Biological Importance: 60% have been lost to agriculture or re-planting, 10% to development and 30% to neglect or contamination.

Approximately 15% of our heathland Sites of Special Scientific Interest was lost recently to the Birmingham Northern Relief Road, along with areas of Sites of Biological Importance as yet unquantified.

Since 1940 nearly all of our flower rich meadows have been destroyed.

The water vole has suffered a rapid decline and if the current rate continues it will become extinct in Lichfield District in the next few years. 

Read the Biodiversity Strategy:

Biodiversity Strategy

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