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Dog owners' responsibilities

As a dog owner you are under legal obligation to make your dog visibly identifiable by means of a collar and tag. Dog owners have a responsibility to prevent their dogs from straying and causing injury or damage.

You are legally required to ensure your dog wears a collar and tag when in a public place - the tag should identify the name and address of the owner.

Our role

Under section 149 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, Lichfield District Council is responsible for taking in stray dogs within its area. We have a duty to seize and detain any dog, which is found to be unaccompanied in a public place or other place where it is not permitted to be.

An officer of the council must - where practical - seize and detain any dog which they have reason to believe is a stray. If the dog is on private land, they can only seize it with consent of landowner or occupier.

Where the owner of a stray dog is known, the owner must be given notice that the dog has been seized and may be disposed of within seven days, if not claimed. The owner only has a right to the return of dog if he pays all expenses incurred by reason of its detention, plus a further amount currently £25.

Dogs out of control in a public place

Any dog is dangerously out of control if:

  • it injures a person
  • it behaves in a way that makes a person worried that it might injure them

If you see an out of control dog we recommend that, in the first instance, you ask the owner to get it under control. If they refuse or can't and you are still worried, call the police as they have enforcement powers under the revised Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

If you see a dog that is out of control, or you feel threatened by a dog or dog owner, call the police on 101. If it is an emergency, always call 999.

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