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A guide to your bins - what goes in each bin?

We run weekly bin collections to all homes across Lichfield District. We alternate the bins each week, so one week we will empty your black bin and the next week we'll empty your blue bin. If you are signed up to the garden waste scheme ( we will also empty your garden waste (brown) bin(s) on a fortnightly basis.

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Please put your bins out on time

Visit our bin calendar to find out when to put your bins out. Please make sure your bins are out by 6.30am by the kerbside (at your usual collection point) on the day of your collection. If your bin was not out on time and we do not empty it, we cannot come back to empty it at a later time.

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About your black bin

We provide every household with a black wheelie bin and empty them every two weeks (on alternate weeks to your recycling).

What to put in your black bin: Black bins are only meant for rubbish that cannot be recycled and for food waste. Your bin lid must be shut and your bin must not be too heavy or overloaded. We can only collect rubbish that is inside your black bin - and for health and safety reasons, we cannot collect side waste.

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Need a larger/additional black bin?

You can apply for extra black bin capacity if:

  • There are six or more people living in your house
  • There are five or more people living in your house, and one is a child under three years old
  • There are four or more people living in your house, and two are children under three years old
  • You or someone in your household has a specific medical conditions mean excess waste is generated

To apply for additional black bin capacity, please fill in our online form

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About your blue bin

We also provide every household with a blue wheelie bin and empty them every two weeks (on alternate weeks to your non recyclable waste). 

What to put in your blue bin:

  • paper, including newspapers, magazines, telephone directories, wrapping paper (without foil/glitter) etc.
  • card, including flattened cardboard boxes, food sleeves, toilet and kitchen roll inners etc.
  • plastic containers, including margarine and ice cream tubs, yoghurt pots, bottles, empty carrier bags and plastic food trays etc.
  • aluminium foil, food trays or cans
  • waxed cartons, such as juice boxes or milk cartons
  • glass bottles or jars and lids
  • aerosol cans and roll-ons

Please make sure you wash out empty containers before putting them in your bin. Waste should be placed loose into the bins, and not in black bags.

Please DO NOT put the following in your blue bin:

  • Black* bin bags - even if they are full of recycling items. Please only use clear bags/see-through bags (available at most supermarkets) or put recycling items into your bin loose. 
  • General waste
  • Food waste
  • Nappies/sanitary products (clean or used)
  • Pyrex
  • Garden waste
  • Animal bedding
  • Polystyrene
  • Rigid plastics such as garden furniture, toys, coat hangers etc
  • Plant pots and garden trays
  • Foil that doesn't stay together when scrunched up (such as crisp packets and tea or coffee packets)
  • Bubble wrap
  • Textiles/fabric
  • Mirrored glass
  • Electricals and batteries

*We have had lots of loads of recycling rejected by our recycling partners because they contain black bin bags and it is not possible to see what is in them. If loads are rejected they are sent to landfill, rather than being recycled. Please help us by putting recycling items into your blue bin loose, or use clear/see-through bags (available at most supermarkets).

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Need an extra blue bin?

If your blue bin is regularly overflowing, you can order a second blue bin for free - just fill in our online form.

Alternatively, if you have too much recycling from time to time (such as at Christmas) and don't want an extra blue bin permanently, we will always take additional recycling if bagged in clear/see-through bags (available at most supermarkets) and if placed next to your bin at the kerbside on your collection day.

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Subscribe to our garden waste service

We also provide a chargeable garden waste service to local homes.

The service costs £36 a year (per bin) for fortnightly collections (maximum 25 - collections are suspended over the Christmas period). The service runs from January to December and costs £36 per calendar year, regardless of when you sign up. To subscribe to the garden waste service visit

If you are signed up, we will empty your brown bin every two weeks (on alternate weeks to your non recyclable waste).

What to put in your garden waste bin: Leaves, weeds, tree and shrub prunings, grass and hedge cuttings, short branches and twigs, garden plants and unwanted windfall fruit/home-grown vegetables that have not been into the house/used in food preparation.

What we cannot collect in your garden waste bin: Food waste (including vegetable peelings), plastic bags or biodegradable liners, cardboard, paper, plant pots, pet waste, soil or turf, or large pieces of wood or branches as these are not easily compostable.

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What to do if we've missed your bin

Find out about what to do if your bin was not emptied.

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What to do if your bin is damaged or missing

If your bin has been lost, stolen or damaged, please order a new one online.

If your bin is damaged, but can still be used safely, please continue to use it until you have ordered your bin and put it out on your usual collection day. We will then take it away when we empty your bin and replace it with a new one at the same time.

Please note there is £15 charge to replace lost or stolen black bins only.

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Need help getting your bin to the kerbside?

If you need help getting your bin to the kerbside - perhaps you are disabled or you struggle to move a heavy bin, why not speak to our team about an assisted collection? Either call our team on 0345 002 0022 or fill in our book an assisted collection form.  

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What about waste that can't go in any of my bins?

Household waste recycling centres, or tips, in the district are run by Staffordshire County Council. The centres have facilities to recycle low energy light bulbs, electrical appliances, fridges, freezers, scrap metal, car batteries, oil and more. They also have facilities to dispose of other waste and items that can't go in any of your bins. Find out more.

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