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Dead animals

We are required to collect the remains of dead animals from the roadside and other publicly accessible areas.

Identifying animals we find

We recognise that many of these animals may have been well-loved family pets.

When we collect a deceased domestic animal we will, whenever possible, hand it over to a local veterinary practice who will then attempt to locate owners.

If we can't take the animal to the vet

We check collars and scan animals to detect the presence of a microchip so that we can notify owners who may be missing a pet.

Where a microchip is located using a scanner, officers will access the national database. If an owner is identified and their contact details are correct, they will be notified as soon as possible and be offered the opportunity to collect their pet so that they can choose its resting place.

Please note: any animals collected that are in a very poor condition may be disposed of immediately.

Deceased pets will be taken back to the council depot where they will normally be kept for up to 48 hours to allow owners to collect them.

After 48 hours we will dispose of any uncollected pets in an environmentally friendly manner.

The address of the depot is:

Reliant Way, Zone 2 Burntwood Business Park, Burntwood, Staffordshire, WS7 3JH

Reporting a dead animal

To report a dead animal on the road, or any other publicly accessible area, please fill in our online form.

If you have lost a pet 

If you have lost a dog, then the first place to look is our lost dogs register to see if we have already found it.

If not, please report your lost dog to us, so we add it to our register and get in touch if we later find it.


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