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Contact us before any tree works

Before carrying out works to any trees, we recommend that you check whether your tree is protected by a tree preservation order, or if it's in a conservation area.

Our interactive mapping layer for protected trees allows you to find trees which are protected by tree preservation orders (TPOs), and trees within conservation areas.

  • Individual trees protected by a preservation order are shown using a green dot.
  • Other tree preservation order designations (areas, groups or woodlands) are shown as green polygons.
  • Conservation areas are shown as pink polygons.

For each of the tree preservation order designations shown as polygons, it is essential to view the TPO schedule, as the number and species of trees protected within the polygon will differ.

Within the boundary of a conservation area, all trees of 75mm diameter (measured at 1.5m above ground level) of all species are protected.

Please note: Many of our tree preservation orders date from the 1950s through to the 1990s. Transferring data to interactive mapping from maps made in this period can result in trees and polygons being misplotted. Therefore, the interactive mapping layer should not be viewed as definitive proof of the presence or absence of a protected tree. We are working hard towards updating these TPOs and the mapping layers. However, in the meantime it is essential that you contact our arboricultural team to check for the presence or absence of TPOs.

Use a qualified tree surgeon

If you are hiring someone to do work to a tree on your land, we recommend you follow the below advice before employing a tree surgeon - also known as an arborist. Find out how to select a tree surgeon.

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