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Hedgerow regulations

Hedgerows are a traditional way of forming boundaries in both towns and countryside. Most hedgerows are beneficial to wildlife, although some are particularly rich and may have historic value.

To find out about domestic hedges and disputes over high hedges, visit our high hedges page.

To find out more about non-domestic hedgerows use the links below:

Why are hedgerows protected?

Important non-domestic hedgerows are protected from removal by the Hedgerows Regulations 1997. Various criteria given in the regulations are used to identify important hedgerows for wildlife, landscape or historical reasons. Under the regulations it is against the law to remove or destroy certain hedgerows in Lichfield District without permission from Lichfield District Council.

What hedges need permission?

Permission from Lichfield District Council is required before removing certain hedges that are at least 20 metres (66 feet) in length, more than 30 years old and contain certain species of plants and associated features. We assess the importance of the hedgerow using criteria set out in the regulations. If the hedgerow meets the required standard the council may serve a Hedgerow Retention Notice.

What to do if you want to remove a non-domestic hedgerow

If you propose to remove a non-domestic hedgerow, or section of hedgerow, you should give the us six week's notice in writing. Please include a plan that clearly shows the location of the hedge and the part to be removed.

Please call our high hedges officer on  01543 308274 or email our team at for more information.

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