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Guidance for people worried about becoming homeless

The first thing you should do if you think you may lose your home is to seek advice about your rights at an early stage. Call us on 01543 308709 or 01543 308703 or email for an appointment with our homelessness prevention officer. You could also ask for help from places such as a Citizen's Advice Bureau.

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If you are behind with your rent or mortgage

You should speak to your landlord or mortgage lender as soon as you can to discuss making an arrangement for paying the money which is owed. You may also be eligible for council tax or housing benefit, to find out more, visit our benefits section, or use our online benefits calculator. Your local Citizen's Advice Bureau is also good place to get advice about your right to benefit.

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If your relationship is breaking down

Many people become homeless when a relationship breaks up. Your rights will vary depending on your circumstances, but the following issues are among the most important to your rights:

  • If you are married to your partner
  • If you have children
  • Whose name is on the tenancy or mortgage
  • If your partner has been violent to you

If you have been assaulted by your partner, help and emergency accommodation is available from a network of women's refuges. For local details contact the Pathway Project on 01543 676800 or visit the Pathway Project Website.

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If your tenancy is coming to an end

If your landlord wants you to leave the property they must serve notice of ending the tenancy in the correct legal form. Even if you have a short-hold tenancy, the landlord cannot ask you to leave at the end of the tenancy term unless s/he has given you two month's notice.

If your landlord does not follow the correct procedures for ending your tenancy, they may be committing a criminal offence under Protection from Eviction legislation.

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Don't leave your home unless you absolutely must

If you have a home but are about to lose it, it is very important that you stay there for as long as you are entitled to.

You should not give up any tenancy or access to your home without first discussing it with the Council as you may find that this means you will have no access to housing later on.

In many cases you do not have to leave your home until you receive a court order to evict you.

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Keep us informed

We aim to help you avoid losing your home. However, if your situation gets worse, you should let us know immediately by calling your Housing Options Officer or emailing

We have a legal responsibility to help some homeless people and may be able to assist you with alternative accommodation.

For homelessness and housing advice email: or call 01543 308703/30870

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