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Rent increases

Landlords and tenants should agree how and when the rent will be reviewed. This information should be included in the tenancy agreement.

If the tenancy agreement runs for a set period of six months or more (fixed-term), the agreement should say that rent will either be:

  • fixed for the length of the term
  • reviewed at regular intervals – and include information on how to review it

If the tenancy is a periodic tenancy (rolling on a month-by-month basis) the agreement should say how often the rent will be reviewed.

When rent can be increased

Both parties can agree a rent increase for a periodic tenancy at any time and should confirm the increase in writing. Your tenancy agreement will usually include a clause that allows a yearly increase in rent. Landlords cannot normally increase the rent more than once a year without the tenant’s agreement.

Landlords can only increase the rent of a fixed-term tenancy if the tenant agrees. If they do not agree, it can only be increased when the fixed-term ends.

If the tenancy is a regulated tenancy, your landlord must consider any fair rent conditions. For any tenancy, landlords must get their tenant’s permission to increase the rent by more than had been previously agreed.

How a landlord can propose a rent increase

Your landlord will provide a form called a ‘Landlord’s notice proposing a new rent’ to tell you about proposed rent increases. Your landlord must tell you one month before the proposed increase in rent. If you agree, the new rent begins from the date in the notice.

If you do not agree with the rent increase, you can apply to a rent assessment committee who will then decide the rent amount.

Contact information

For further information on rent assessment committees, please visit Shelter’s website.

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