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Land charge searches and fees

If you are thinking about buying a home or business property in Lichfield District, as part of the buying process, you are encouraged to submit a search on the property to identify any restrictions or legal obligations that may be associated with the property and imposed by a council or government body.

This search is normally applied for on your behalf by your solicitor and is covered by the legal fees that he or she charges, although you can, if you wish, request the search yourself.

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About land searches

The search looks at twelve main areas, or charges (restrictions), and checks whether or not any of these apply to the property you are intending to buy, these are:

  • general financial charges
  • specific financial charges
  • planning charges
  • miscellaneous charges
  • fenland ways maintenance charges
  • land compensation charges
  • new towns charges
  • civil aviation charges
  • opencast coal charges
  • listed building charges
  • light obstruction notices
  • drainage scheme charges

This service should not be confused with the district land registry, if you have an enquiry that relates to ownership of the land you should direct yourself to the Land Registry website.

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Request a search

To request any of the following searches (either residential or non-residential) please complete our online application for a land charges search form. The form can be used for:

  • Full official search (CON29R, CON29O and LLC1)
  • LLC1 search
  • CON29R search (not including LLC1)
  • CON29O search (not including LLC1)
  • Personal search of the LLCR
  • Personal search information pack

To request a search, please email it to, or send it to:

Land Charges, Lichfield District Council, District Council House, Frog Lane, Lichfield WS13 6YU.

You must submit appropriate payment and plans (if appropriate) before the search will be carried out, as detailed on the form.

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What you will pay

Residential searches

  • Full Search (CON29R, CON29O and LLC1): £99 exc VAT, £112.80 inc VAT
  • LLC1 only: £30 - VAT exempt
  • CON29R only: £69 exc VAT, £82.80 inc VAT
  • CON29O only: £36 inc VAT

Non-residential searches

  • Full Search (CON29R, CON29O and LLC1): £200 exc VAT, £233 inc VAT
  • LLC1 only: £35 - VAT exempt
  • CON29R only: £165 exc VAT, £198 inc VAT
  • CON29O only: £36 inc VAT
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Environmental information and personal searches

Access to environmental information held by us is available as required by the environmental information regulations. The procedure is set out in our environmental information procedure, and we provide access in accordance with the current environmental information regulations.

Please note: under the terms of the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA), we are unable to accept plans or maps which are not licensed for use by your business. This includes maps or plans that have been copied from other maps, such as a Land Registry Title Plan or a map which has a watermark.

Any search requests that we receive that include a plan or map which we consider to be unlicensed will be returned to you and should be resubmitted with a properly sourced plan or map. If we continue to receive unlicensed plans from you, we may refer the matter to Ordnance Survey, who may levy a fine.

For more information about using Ordnance Survey (OS) information and licensing, please visit the OS website.

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