Housing benefit and local council tax support

What is eligible rent?

Before we look at your income, we need to find out how much of the rent that you pay is eligible. There are three different schemes and the scheme we will use for you, depends upon the type of tenancy you have and how long you have lived there.

If you are renting from a housing association, your eligible rent, is the same as your full rent, minus any service charges you pay in addition to your rent, or any rent you pay for the use of a garage.

If you are renting a caravan or boat and pay ground rent or mooring fees, we deduct any service charges included in that figure and will treat the remainder as your eligible rent.

If you are renting from a private landlord, we will use the local housing allowance rules to work out your eligible rent.

We need to know two things to calculate your eligible rent:

  • How many bedrooms your family needs. This is a set figure and will depend upon how many people are in your family and the sex and ages of any children.
  • The location of your home or the house you would like to move to.