Housing benefit and local council tax support

How will I get paid?

We normally pay housing benefits directly to you by cheque or directly into your bank account (by BACS) every fortnight (in arrears).

If you would like us to pay your benefits directly into your bank account, we will need your account number and sort code.

We can pay your benefits directly to your landlord, and if we do, we will pay it every four weeks (in arrears).

If you would like us to pay your landlord directly, please fill in the appropriate section of your claim form, and let us know why you want us to do this. If you receive housing benefit but are more than eight weeks behind on your rent payments, we may pay your landlord direct, even without your permission.

You won't receive a council tax support payment. Instead, we take the amount of support you are entitled to off your annual council tax bill.

If your bill is not entirely discounted, you will be expected to pay the remaining balance over the course of the year.

The amount you need to pay will be detailed in your annual council tax bill which is sent to your home in March each year.