COVID-19 advice for takeaways

We appreciate that the guidance and legal framework on how you operate changes frequently. Most businesses have been very successful in keeping up to date and we would like to thank you for doing that.

The government has provided advice on what precautions you should be taking while trading.

From 24 September 2020 a person must not carry on a restricted business or provide a restricted service between the hours of 10pm and 5am other than delivery and drive-thru service of food and drink.

For your business this means that:

  • You must lock your doors at 10pm and all customers must have left.
  • You can still deliver takeaways after this time but no customers can enter your premises.
  • Ordering should be taken either over the telephone or online.

You can discourage members of the public from congregating outside your premises by only delivering to home addresses.

You must also make sure that:

  • Staff are wearing face coverings in public areas unless they are separated by a screen or divider;
  • Customers are asked to wear face coverings; 
  • Social distancing of 2 metres (or 1 metre with mitigation) is in place;
  • You follow the ‘Rule of 6’. - Let customers know that by law they can only visit the premises in groups of up to 6 people (unless they are visiting as a household or support bubble which is larger than 6). Businesses could be fined for allowing customers to socialise in groups larger than 6.

In addition please ensure adequate cleaning and sanitising of contact surfaces and equipment between customers.

As the number of cases continues to rise in Staffordshire and nationally, please ensure that you are fully compliant with the requirements. Visits may be made and more formal action will be considered if the requirements are not met.