COVID-19 working safely in retail services

We appreciate that the guidance and legal framework on how you operate changes frequently. Most businesses have been very successful in keeping up to date and we would like to thank you for doing that.

The government has provided advice on what precautions you should be taking while trading.

The following requirements are mandatory:

  • Ensure staff wear face coverings - By law, staff and customers of retail settings are required to wear a face covering, unless they have an exemption. Employers must ensure that all staff in retail settings wear face coverings when in areas that are open to the public and where they are likely to come within close contact of a member of the public, unless they have an exemption.
  • If businesses have taken steps to create a physical barrier or screen between workers and members of the public then staff behind the barrier or screen will not be required to wear a face covering. Enforcement action can be taken if barriers and screens are in place which do not adequately mitigate risks.
  • Advise, direct and notify customers of the need to wear face masks - where ever reasonably possible direct customers to wear face masks when they enter your business. Have signage in place to direct customers to these requirements.    

In addition please ensure adequate cleaning and sanitising of contact surfaces and equipment between customers e.g. shopping trolleys, baskets, payments machines, refrigerator door handles and service counters etc. 

We also advise you to encourage customers to sanitise their hands as they enter the businesses. It is helpful to provide sanitising station at the entrance to your business.

As the number of cases continues to rise in Staffordshire and nationally, please ensure that you are fully compliant with the requirements. Visits may be made and more formal action will be considered if the requirements are not met.

Your immediate co-operation in this matter is greatly appreciated.