Lichfield District start up grant scheme

Who can apply?

Who can apply?

Eligible (one of the following):

  • An individual who has recently been made redundant and seeking to establish a business within Lichfield District.
  • An economically inactive resident who is seeking to establish a business within Lichfield District.

Ineligible (anyone of the following):

  • An individual who is not a permanent resident of Lichfield District.
  • A resident who is currently generating income within their employment and not facing redundancy.
  • Business activities that are deemed as counterproductive to our ambitions, strategies and policies. This includes but not exclusive to money lending; projects which feed into the promotion of political or religious views; betting shops; night clubs; illegal or immoral activities. 
  • Any other business that we may deem to be ineligible, such as projects which promote or condone extremist activities or terrorism.


The Lichfield District start up grant scheme is a competitive scheme and although applicants may apply to receive a grant, unfortunately we cannot guarantee all applications will be successful.

A limited amount of allocated funding is available with applications being evaluated and scored based on meeting the aim of the scheme: to support business and employment growth and help deliver our priorities of enabling people and developing prosperity.

Applicants must detail within their completed application form and supportive documents how the applicant meets the criteria of the scheme to enhance the likelihood of being successfully awarded a grant.

The success of an application will be based on the following criteria:

  • Does the proposed business activity relate to the applicant’s previous work experience?
  • What is your expected cash flow?
  • How do you plan to increase cash flow?
  • How do your financial projections (cash flow) relate to your planned growth?
  • Have you carried out market research and can you show a greater understanding of the sector/area of work through your business plan?
  • How will the grant support your outcomes?
  • Is there job creation, on top of the applicant’s job opportunity? (Please note job creation is not essential but is encouraged)