Lichfield District start up grant scheme

Further information

Grant information

  • We will pay a one-off grant of £3,000 towards eligible project costs.
  • The grant is designed to assist residents commence a business within Lichfield District through overcoming the financial barrier of starting up a business. Applications need to outline the start-up business plan, how the grant and project items requested will be able to achieve this. 
  • All grants must be claimed within a month of a confirmation letter being received.
  • Successful applicants must complete a 6 month progress report and submit this to us to show how beneficial the grant has been
    for their start up business. 
  • Grants awarded will be only paid following the submission of an invoice/receipt of items detailed in the application form.
  • As part of being successful for the grant, applicants must create an employment opportunity having received the grant and outline any further employment opportunities they shall provide within their business growth.

Documentation needed

Applicants must submit the following supporting documents with the application form:

  • a business plan
  • financial projections for the next year
  • a CV
  • evidence of being economically inactive such as:
    • redundancy letter
    • P45 letter
    • proof of leaving full time education
    • Universal Credit payments