About business partnerships

Lichfield BID

The Lichfield BID was voted in by Lichfield city businesses in summer 2015 and formally started on 1 October 2015. It is run by a new company called the Lichfield BID Company, which is totally separate from the council. As a business ratepayer in the city, the council will pay money into the BID. It also collects the BID levy on behalf of the BID and all money it collects is passed to the BID to deliver projects in the city. The Lichfield BID will deliver £1 million investment in a range of exciting city centre projects between 2015 and 2020. Find out more about the BID.

Please note: The Lichfield BID incorporates the Lichfield Town Team which helped to establish the BID and generate a yes vote. Thank you to all traders who took part in this great initiative for the city.

Lichfield BID ceased trading in September 2020, the BID are seeking to return following a successful ballot in 2021.

Lichfield Chamber of Trade & Commerce

A membership organisation for local businesses (£40 a year to join). Members benefit from representation in consultations with local authorities, such as the council and police. Monthly member meetings are hosted so members can share views on local issues. The chamber also provides the hanging baskets in the city and organises the Christmas fayre. To contact the Lichfield Chamber of Trade & Commerce, email Louie Clegg.

TownSafe Partnership

A membership organisation for city retailers, primarily concerned with crime and safety issues. Provides the StoreNet radio scheme and the business exclusion scheme. Membership is £100 and members benefit from a book of known city shoplifters and updates. Members can also join the StoreNet scheme for a further cost.