Lichfield BID levy

If your business is based in the Lichfield BID area, you will be required to pay Lichfield BID levy on top of/separate to your business rates.

The BID area includes: Backcester Lane, Bakers Lane, Beacon Street, Bird Street, Birmingham Road, Bolt Court, Bore Street, Breadmarket Street, Castle Dyke, Church Street, City Arcade, Conduit Street, Cross Keys, Dam Street, Friary Road, Frog Lane, Greenhill, Gresley Row, Lombard Street, Lower Sandford Street, Market Square, Market Street, Minster Pool Walk, Queen Street, Quonians Lane, Rotten Row, Sandford Street, Shaw Lane, St Johns Street, Station Road, Stonneyland Drive, Stowe Road, Stowe Street, Swan Road, Swan Mews, Tamworth Street, The Close, The Friary, The Tanneries,Three Spires Shopping Centre, Trent Valley Road,Tudor Row, Wade Street and Upper St John Street (before the railway bridge).

All businesses in the BID area receive a BID bill every year, apart from a small number of exempt properties (including non-retail charities) which do not pay a levy.

Whilst the BID levy is collected by the council, all the money is paid directly to the BID operating company (Lichfield BID Limited) to deliver projects and initiatives in the BID area up until September 2020.

  • The BID levy is set at a rate of no more 1.5% of your rateable value, to a maximum of £3,000.
  • If your business is located in serviced shopping area, such as Three Spires Shopping Centre, your BID levy is 1% of your rateable value.
  • If you own two or more properties in the BID area, you will receive two separate BID bills.
  • Your annual BID bill will show the rate at which your BID levy is calculated.

You will receive a separate annual bill for your BID account and the terms of these are payment in full on 1 March each year, however six-monthly instalments to September are available on request. To request monthly instalments, please contact our customer services team on 01543 308000 (Monday - Friday, 9am - 5.15pm).