Lichfield city centre masterplan - delivery plan 2021-2026

Vision and mission statement

The delivery of the masterplan aims and objectives will ensure that Lichfield city centre will continue to be the vibrant and attractive destination that it currently is and that this will be developed and enhanced to deliver a place where both residents and visitors alike wish to spend time, live, and work within its healthy environment and thriving economy. This development will be sensitive to the city’s historic character and will be developed in a sustainable way to be enjoyed by future generations.

The key themes of preserving and enhancing the historic environment, supporting and providing a vibrant mix of uses, enhancing the tourism economy, supporting commercial activity and maintaining a public realm and open spaces of the highest quality are key to the development of the city centre.

Emanating from the themes are the objectives of the masterplan which are essential to inform and ultimately deliver on the targets that underpin the delivery strategy. These objectives are to deliver a strong historic core, complementary and supporting uses, welcoming gateways, vibrant streets and spaces, a quality accessible environment, and a green and sustainable city.

Implementation of the masterplan will take place over a number of years. During that period 4 key sites will be developed. These are:

  • Birmingham Road Gateway
  • District Council House
  • Bird Street Courtyard
  • University West Car Park

Alongside these developments will be the development of several strategies that will provide guidance for development and may propose other projects to be brought forward. These will focus on public realm, car parking, connectivity, tourism, green infrastructure and residential studies.