Lichfield city centre masterplan - delivery plan 2021-2026

Delivery plan

We are now keen to take forward the masterplan and see its implementation via a number of interrelated activities.

Underpinning these actions is a delivery plan intended to show what is planned to take place, when and how.

This delivery plan covers the first 5 years of this programme, with a review of the plan taking place every twelve months. Monitoring of how the projects are progressing against targets will be included in the annual update.

The development briefs or development proposals for the major development sites, along with the strategies and any projects emanating from them, must conform to the provisions of the Local Plan, and any other adopted strategies or plans for development within the city centre.

The adopted local plan strategy and local plan allocations promote Lichfield city centre as a key strategic centre which will be the focus for new office, leisure and retail development.

The local plan defines the town centre boundary for Lichfield and encourages leisure uses, cultural development, attractive spaces and a balanced night time economy.

The spatial policy & delivery team are currently preparing the local plan review which is at an emerging stage. The local plan review emulates the key themes relating the Lichfield city centre as the adopted local plan, this is increasing town centre uses such as new homes, retail and leisure within the town centre boundaries. These aspects are monitored within the authority monitoring report (AMR) which is published on an annual basis.

A project plan will be required for each project. This will include the process that will be taken to deliver the project including the securing of funding, attraction of market interest and timescales for delivery.