Lichfield city centre masterplan - delivery plan 2021-2026

Delivery targets

Over the first 5 years (up to end of 2025) the following targets will be achieved:

  • 40 EV points to be installed in car parks or on-street.
  • Alternative payment/charging mechanisms for all council owned/run car parks to be made available.
  • 50 new trees to be planted.
  • 5 public realm enhancement projects to be completed.
  • 4 public art installations to be installed.
  • 50 new cycle parking spaces including at least 20 covered, to be installed.
  • 15 new or replacement fingerpost or visitor information signage to be installed.
  • Real time information signage for bus passengers within the bus station to be installed.
  • Energy efficient lighting installed in all of LDC owned car parks and public toilets.
  • Pedestrianisation of key streets in the city centre.
  • To undertake studies/investigations to consider the need/viability/deliverability of leisure opportunities within the city centre
  • Houses for all – increasing the number of new market and affordable homes within Lichfield city centre.
  • The target for the number of affordable homes within developments will be set by the Local Plan and adhered to where financially viable.  

These projects will be delivered by us either as stand-alone projects, or as part of other projects to be delivered.