Lichfield city centre masterplan - delivery plan 2021-2026

Impact of Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has had, and will continue to have, ramifications for development and the wider economy.

We commissioned DLA in June 2020 to report to the impact of Covid-19 on city centres generally and also in relation to the delivery of the masterplan.

DLA set out that in terms of the masterplan that there is opportunity to change some of the proposals that could be impacted and the flexibility of the masterplan means that, whilst the ambitions within it are still relevant and appropriate, we are able to make changes to the proposals where necessary, to reflect the changes of demand and need. The positive is that Lichfield is well placed and indeed ‘ahead of the curve’ due to having a framework in place which can be used to underpin the recovery action plan.

The advice given by DLA is reflected in the delivery plan. The advice will be utilised when preparing the PIDs for the projects to come forward and will be updated as necessary to ensure that the impacts that Covid-19 are having, and will continue to have, are considered at each stage of the projects.