Lichfield city centre masterplan - delivery plan 2021-2026


Lichfield city centre plays a pivotal role in driving forward and growing the local economy. It is the district’s largest retail, leisure, business destination, a key tourism hub and an important source of local employment. 

Town and city centres throughout the UK are facing significant challenges, including the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the growth of online shopping, pressure from out of town retailing and supermarkets and reduced footfall. It is therefore crucial that the ideas and proposals set out in the masterplan are developed and delivered to ensure the vitality and vibrancy of Lichfield city centre in the future. 

This delivery strategy identifies priority projects that we are committed to delivering by 2026 to ensure we tackle our key priorities to deliver the projects envisaged to develop and enhance Lichfield city centre over the next 5 years. It will be updated on an annual basis to ensure that targets set are being achieved and our plans and priorities remain relevant to the development of Lichfield city centre. 

Councillor Elizabeth Little, cabinet member for major projects and economic development