Lichfield city centre regeneration projects

Birmingham Road Gateway

The Birmingham Road Gateway has been earmarked for redevelopment for a number of years.

In 2020 we carried out some work to improve the look and feel of the area, provide a better route into the city from the train and bus stations and prepare it for later development. The work included:

  • Demolishing the police station and bus station buildings: The former police station and bus station buildings were demolished and the rubble/waste recycled.
  • New bus station toilets: The old bus station toilets were demolished and replaced with two unisex facilities, one of which has disabled access and a baby changer.
  • Bus station improvements: The bus station was re-surfaced and the bus shelters refreshed. New benches and bins, were installed.
  • New coach parking: The bus station car park was closed and is now being used for extra coach parking.
  • New car park: A 56-space long-stay car park, footpaths and street furniture have been opened on the grounds of the former police station. 
  • Landscaping: The former sites of the police station and bus station buildings have been seeded with grass and a number of trees have been planted.

This project is a step towards improving the Birmingham Road Gateway, while the long-term plans for this area are progressed.