Lichfield city centre regeneration projects

Public realm strategy

In our masterplan we have identified the need for an attractive & usable public realm.

This is an important part of the overall development of the city centre and we are concentrating on the achievement of five objectives:

  • To remove street clutter and promote a matching design of signage and wayfinding across the city centre.
  • ensure pedestrian routes are prioritised in the design new developments (especially important for pedestrian routes which link key areas together).
  • to consider landscaping options that positively impacts upon the environment within the city centre.
  • a matching selection of surface materials.
  • a matching specification of street furniture.

We have also set out seven public realm priority projects to deliver wider improvements to the city:

  • Birmingham Road Corridor
  • Lichfield Transport Hub
  • Bird Street Walk
  • Circular Minster Pool Walk
  • Pedestrian Priority Streets
  • Pedestrian Walkways & Linkages
  • Signage & Wayfinding

We will be working with a team of industry experts lead by Gleeds Property and Construction Consultants to prepare our public realm strategy that will assist with the development and implementation of a distinctive and high quality public realm throughout Lichfield city centre.

The strategy will consider and develop the ideas of the seven public realm priority projects outlined above, and suggest additional options for the improvement of all public realm within the city centre.

To achieve this we will need to engage and consult with local businesses, residents and stakeholders. More details of the consultation process and timeframes will be made available when they have been arranged.