Lichfield city centre regeneration projects

Car parking strategy

The long term sustainability of the city centre for people to shop, work, play and access services and facilities is very important to us.

Currently, people can, and do, access and move around the city centre in many ways using private cars, public transport, and by walking or cycling.

Public car parks serve the city centre and provide for short and long stays. There are approximately 2,000 spaces across the 10 car parks we operate.

We have appointed 2020 Consultancy Solutions Ltd to develop a detailed car parking strategy that will set out a long term approach to car parking within Lichfield city centre. 

Our strategy will give us detailed recommendations about future car parking provision serving the city centre and how this will function. This strategy will be in two stages:

  • Stage one will look at the future of car parking in the city centre taking into account the existing national and local context.
    • Our consultation process has now closed. 
  • Stage two will set out a detailed appraisal and set of recommendations on the provision of car parking and nature of operation.

In putting together our car parking strategy we will take into consideration national policy guidance as it applies to both the future of centres/high streets and sustainable transport and travel, and also patterns of demand.