Lichfield city centre regeneration projects

Green infrastructure strategy

The objective of delivering a green and sustainable city is a major theme running through every proposed development project within our masterplan.

Our green infrastructure strategy will set out a programme of projects which will keep Lichfield’s open space, landscaping and environment at the heart of its regeneration and development processes.

It will provide many benefits including:

  • Improving people’s physical and mental health.
  • Reducing air pollution.
  • Protecting against climate change to help reduce flood risk i.e. by utilising sustainable drainage measures to manage storm water.
  • Providing comfort in urban environments – for instance trees provide shade and cooling.
  • Encouraging active travel - using a form of travel such as walking, cycling and accessing public transport which involve physical activity.
  • Providing opportunities for people to enjoy their leisure time.

Developing a green and sustainable city has many elements.

The projects that come out of the strategy will be designed to involve maintaining, enhancing, and extending the network of open spaces and landscaping within the city centre, as well as promoting and developing the use of sustainable forms of travel.

Other projects will make sure that new buildings are environmentally friendly, promoting and utilising innovative building construction methods.