Community Safety Partnership

Partnership groups

The safer community partnership is comprised of several groups with specific responsibilities.

These include:

  • CSP delivery group which meets quarterly and is accountable to the Lichfield District Board for ensuring the Partnership carries out its duties in line with current regulation.
  • Partnership briefings (hub meetings) which take place weekly. This is a multi-agency problem solving group that seeks to address identified issues particularly in relation to vulnerable members of our community. 
  • Domestic and sexual abuse forum, covering Burton on Trent, Lichfield District and Tamworth Borough, meets quarterly and aims to reduce domestic and sexual violence and improve services for those affected by abuse. 
  • Lichfield District crime prevention panel which aims to identify the main crime problems in the area and with the support of the community, develop solutions.
  • Lichfield District Youth Services Group meets quarterly and brings together a range of agencies and groups which provide services for young people. The aim of the group is to share information about services available and identify any gaps and how they can be filled.
  • The responsible bodies group (RBG), working alongside the CSP, meets every six weeks and takes the strategic lead on licensing and enforcement in relation to alcohol across the District. 
  • Lichfield District safer neighbourhood panel is made up of local residents and some local councillors who meet regularly with the Lichfield District policing commander. Their aim is to shape local policing and community safety and shine the spotlight on the work carried out by the police to ensure greater transparency and help build public confidence. They examine the impact of policing, community resolutions and restorative justice on their communities.