Community safety delivery plan outline 2021-2022

This plan outlines how the Community Safety Partnership intend to work together to impact upon crime and disorder, substance misuse and reduce re-offending in the local area.

The Crime and Disorder Act 1998 changed the way crime and anti-social behaviour was to be tackled, as it is recognised that in order to be effective, agencies needed to work together to address the issues collectively.

Community Safety Partnership (CSP) in Lichfield District

Lichfield District CSP has a core group of members that includes representatives from the following organisations:

  • Lichfield District Council
  • Staffordshire Police
  • Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service
  • Staffordshire Probation Service
  • Staffordshire County Council
  • Bromford Housing Group
  • Support Staffordshire
  • Pathway
  • Humankind

Impact of COVID-19

The delivery plan for 2020-21 was produced prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. The impact of the pandemic has changed the outlook for the delivery of public services and realigned many priorities.

The 2021-22 delivery plan needs to be more flexible as recovery from the pandemic commences, continues and new issues emerge. In addition each priority identified below will have to be cognisant of the changes to demand as we emerge from COVID-19 restrictions.

Lichfield community safety strategic assessment 2020 (appendix one)

On behalf of the CSP the Strategy Team at Staffordshire County Council create an annual strategic assessment, with the following description:

“This community safety strategic assessment provides evidence and intelligence to inform the strategic decision-making process – helping commissioners and partners to determine the priorities that require particular attention in their local area.”

This assessment, helps the formulation of the priorities for Lichfield District CSP and helps drive the delivery plan.