Keep safe this winter

Throughout winter, as it gets colder, it's important to be properly prepared. This page includes what to do in extreme weather, such as snow or flooding, how to keep safe on the roads, bin collections and more.

Get ready for winter

Public services across Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire have combined to provide you with a range of information that you may find useful during winter and severe weather, including school closure alerts, weather and flooding alerts, advice on staying healthy and warm and information on bin collections, home safety and road safety. Find out more about staying safe in winter.

Road safety


Staffordshire County Council is responsible for gritting our roads throughout the colder months. This helps ensure major links across the county are kept open. View the gritting route or find out more about gritting on the Staffordshire County Council website.

Keep safe on the roads

Driving in snow and ice can be very dangerous. Gritting does not make the roads completely safe to drive. In serious weather conditions always make sure you are prepared and take the proper precautions. 

To find out how to stay safe read Staffordshire County Council's guide to driving in snow and ice here, visit Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership website and get more advice on safe road travel from the Met Office's website.

Bin collections 

Bin collections in bad weather

If there is snowy and icy weather, we may not be able to empty your bin(s). We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. We recommend you put your bins out as normal providing it is safe to do so, and we'll do our best to empty them. If your bin(s) is not emptied, please check our recycling and bins section, to see what do next. 

In bad weather we will post regular updates in our recycling and bins section. We will put important messages and updates on Twitter and Facebook.

If you can't access the internet our customer services telephone system will also provide regular recorded updates. You can find out what the latest update is straightaway by dialling 01543 308000.

When possible we will also send information to local newspapers, radio stations and parish councils.  

School closures

In severe weather like heavy snow or floods schools across the district may be temporarily closed. To find out if a school is closed check Staffordshire County Council's school closure list here.

Health advice

Winter conditions can be seriously bad for our health, especially for people aged 65 or over, and people with long-term health conditions. To help protect yourself and those you care for visit the winter health advice pages on the NHS website.

It is important during bad weather to ensure that vulnerable members of your community are keeping well and warm, especially during periods of low temperatures. Checking on neighbours and relatives who are elderly or unwell and seeing if they need anything can make a difference. This is particularly important if the individual is unable to leave their home.

Flood aware

One in six properties in England are at risk of flooding. With such a large threat it is crucial that we are prepared for the worst. 

Read our flooding advice, which includes information on flood alerts, sandbags and rest centres. For more information visit the Staffordshire Prepared and Met Office websites.

Weather updates

To get the latest weather warnings and advice on what to do in severe weather check the Met Office website.