NHS test and trace account ID

NHS Test and Trace uses a web-based tool called the Contact Tracing and Advice Service (CTAS) to record information about people who have tested positive for Covid-19 and their contacts.

This system allocates individuals an Account ID is an eight character identifier unique to each record on the web tool - such as 4a2c204a.

Most people who test positive for Coivd-19 or are a contact of someone who has had a positive test will receive a digital invitation from the CTAS web tool to undertake the contact tracing journey. The invitation message (sent via a text message or email) contains the eight character Account ID.

Everyone who has completed the contact tracing journey (including those who were ineligible for the digital invitation, such as children or individuals with a landline number only) will receive a message upon completion of the NHS Test and Trace questionnaire. The message (sent either via a text message, email or postal service for people with no access to mobile phone or email) contains the eight character Account ID.