Services affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Leisure centres

Both Burntwood Leisure Centre and Friary Grange Leisure Centre are closed at present.

Keep up to date with reopening information from Burntwood Leisure Centre and Friary Grange Leisure Centre.

Freedom Leisure is standing by its covid guarantee to ensure members are not financially disadvantaged when any of the leisure centres it manages are forced to close due to local or national lockdowns. Find out more.

Frequently asked questions

Are you going to carry out the essential works while Friary Grange Leisure Centre is closed?

Yes, the works will continue throughout lockdown.

Are you still replacing Friary Grange Leisure Centre?

Yes. Work to progress the new Lichfield Leisure Centre is progressing at pace.

Why does freedom Leisure need so much money, wouldn’t it be cheaper for the council to run them itself?

No. The council has a contract with Freedom Leisure which represents a significant saving to when the council previously ran these centres. To bring the centres back in-house would potentially expose the council to further costs and risk.