Safer public spaces in Lichfield District

Safer urban centres and green spaces policy

In line with national policy, we are keen to ensure that, all efforts are made to keep people safe, while allowing for suitable access to the district’s service centres and our green spaces. It is vital that health and well- being sits alongside our approach to supporting business and our local economy.

We own and/or control a significant part of the public realm within the district, while other bodies including city, town and parish councils and the county council also have interests.

It is important that in developing a local policy we acknowledge the different organisations that need to be considered and the requirement for these bodies to work together for any policy to be successful. In doing so, residents of the district looking to make use of centres and green spaces will feel safe and secure in their movements and activity.

The policy is based on a set of key principles informed by national guidance:

  • There will be an expectation on all parties that proper personal hygiene rules are followed before, during and after anyone comes into contact with any centre or green space in the district.
  • You should wear face coverings in crowded and enclosed areas where you come into contact with people you do not usually meet.
  • You should wear face coverings in crowded and enclosed areas, such as on public transport, where you come into contact with people you do not usually meet.
  • Self isolate if you are told to by the NHS Track and Trace app.

When using public transport we expect public transport operators to put in place measures which align with national and local guidance. Those bodies (including us) responsible for infrastructure that helps people to move around the district and access desired locations, will have a role to play in ensuring that infrastructure is clean and safe to use. This includes car parks.

Within centres and green spaces, positive measures have been taken to help people move around their environment in a safe manner.

Private landlords and owners of businesses will continue to be  encouraged to work with their customers to their needs while following correct government guidance.

It will be important that no conflict arises between operating businesses and the flow of people through our centres and green spaces. As with travel facilities, street furniture and infrastructure to support people accessing centres and green spaces will be made safe to use.


  • Provide increased signage to help inform social distancing measures and reduce the risk of transmission of the virus.
  • Put in place enhanced and additional cleaning regimes for public toilets, street furniture and other community facilities.
  • Encourage people seeking to use our car parks to use the pay by phone payment method.
  • Restrict the number of people who can access public lifts at any one time to two people (or a family group where it includes children).
  • Promote the use of cycle racks across Lichfield city and elsewhere in the district.
  • Permit the use of temporary markings on the ground including within Lichfield city to help demarcate social distancing separations.
  • Encourage business owners to adopt suitable measures to enable people safely to access business premises.
  • Work with private landlords of commercial/retail property to put in place suitable safeguards for customers and staff.
  • Work with partners such as Lichfield City Council, Burntwood Town Council and Staffordshire County Council to consider ways to enable people to access key centres and green spaces and move safely around these locations maintaining social distancing.
  • Put in place queueing systems at toilets and cafés serving our parks to maintain a safe environment.