Air quality management

Tips to reduce air pollution

There are many things you can do to help reduce air pollution, where the smallest action can result in large benefits that improve the quality of life for yourself, your family and others.

Think before you drive

  • Switch your engine off and cut down on short trips to save on fuel and money.
  • Walk or cycle, with the added benefit of keeping fit and healthy – many cycle routes are off-road away from the pollution.
  • Use public transport if you can.
  • Consider leaving your car at home one day a week.
  • Regularly check your tyre pressure to improve fuel consumption.
  • Car share - go shopping with neighbours or take a colleague to work.

Find out more small changes you can make to improve air quality on the Staffordshire Air Aware website.

Improve the energy efficiency of your home or workplace

Improving the energy efficiency of your home or workplace can help reduce energy bills, as well as reducing emissions associated with power generation.

Read our advice on how to save energy at home.