Chief executive and leadership team

Diane Tilley - chief executive

As chief executive and head of the paid service, Diane leads the organisation and translates councillors' aspirations into practical solutions and delivery.

Diane works with Councillor Doug Pullen, Leader of the Council and the members of cabinet.

Diane heads up our leadership team which leads and shapes the organisation, in line with the council's ambitions, as set out in our strategic plan 2016 - 2020.

Diane directly manages Neil Turner, Director of Transformation & Resources and Richard King, Director of Place & Community.

She also oversees the role of the assistant chief executive:

Assistant chief executive 

[email protected]

Supports the chief executive on a range of projects, including our Fit for the Future programme and transformation/commercialisation agendas.

If you would like to contact Diane, email: [email protected]