New local council tax support scheme

1 April 2023 launch

We recently asked residents, claimants and local people for their views on proposed changes to the council's local council tax support scheme.The scheme reduces the amount of council tax people on lower incomes have to pay. Find out more about the consultation.

The council has now approved the changes to its local council tax support scheme, which will come into force on 1 April 2023. The aim of the proposed changes is to make the scheme:

  • Better for claimants - Provide more financial support to residents on the lowest incomes, distribute the support given more fairly to claimants based on their incomes and circumstances, create less paperwork and confusion, provide more financial stability, and deliver greater customer satisfaction. Reduce debt recovery activity carried out with the most financially vulnerable residents.
  • Better for council taxpayers - Allow the council to streamline administration and reduce unnecessary paperwork and costs. 

The propsed revised scheme was considered by Cabinet and then Full Council in February 2023.

If you currently claim council tax support, the new scheme will be reflected in your bill you recieve in mid-March 2023. If you have any questions, please all the team on 01543 308900 or email the team at