Councillor Local Community Fund

Funding requirements

The following can be funded:

  • Projects that provide local solutions to local needs.
  • One-off events that benefit the local community and support community resilience.
  • Current projects/activities that need a small amount of support to continue or grow.
  • Capital items (equipment, materials etc.).
  • New projects and activities that need some funding to get going.
  • Projects that stimulate new community activity, such as setting up new local community events and clubs.

The following cannot be funded:

  • Projects or activities that will only benefit an individual or an individual family or a private business.
  • Political organisations or associated groups and campaigning/lobbying organisations.
  • Projects or activities that are the statutory responsibility of another public sector organisation.
  • Projects or activities that have already taken place.
  • A councillor cannot fund a group or activity where they have a pecuniary interest (relating to money) as defined by the code of conduct for members.