Have you been flooded?

Under the flood recovery framework, the government has recently announced financial support for people affected by flooding following storms Dennis and Ciara.

The support is available to both households and businesses in local authority areas where 25 or more residential properties have had their living space flooded, which does not include gardens or outside areas.

So far Lichfield District has not reached the 25 residential property threshold.

Core flood recovery schemes

Depending on the amount of flooding and damage caused you may qualify for:

Community recovery grant: £500 per eligible household that has been flooded or is ‘unliveable’ as a result of flooding.

Council tax discount: 100% council tax discount for a minimum of three months, if flood water entered the home or the home was otherwise considered ‘unliveable’.

Business rates relief: 100% business rates relief for a minimum of three months if the business is unable to resume trading from the property (the relief provided will be subject to state aid limits and is only available to properties with a rateable value of less than £10 million).

Business recovery grant: £2,500 for eligible small and medium sized enterprises which have suffered severe impacts from the floods that cannot be recovered from insurance.

Qualifying criteria for residential properties

The property you are applying for must be your main home. Second or empty homes are not included in this scheme.

Flood water must have entered the inside living space of your property.

Properties considered to be ‘unliveable’ could include:

  • Where access to the property is severely restricted (e.g. upper floor flats with no access);
  • The adverse weather has resulted in other significant damage to the property meaning it would be or would have been advisable for residents to vacate the premises for any period of time, regardless of whether they do vacate or not;
  • Flooded gardens or garages will not usually render a household eligible.

Qualifying criteria for businesses

Eligible businesses will be small and medium sized businesses within flooded areas which:

  • Are directly impacted by the flooding - for instance there was flood damage to the property, equipment, and/or stock or
  • Are indirectly impacted by the flooding - for instance the business has had no or highly restricted access to premises, equipment and/or stock as a result of flooding, restricted access for customers, suppliers and/or staff; and directly suffered a loss of trade as a result.

Report your flooding to us

Whether a business or a residential property, if you have been flooded as a result of storms Dennis or Ciara, please report it to us.

You can do this by emailing us. Please include your name and contact information, the address of the property, a description of the damage caused, and photographs of the damage. We will respond to everyone who contacts us.

Email your information

So far Lichfield District has not reached the 25 or more residential property threshold, but we are monitoring this daily and keeping up to date records.  

General advice

From registering for a flood alert, to advice for how to prepare for a flood, find out more information.

Updated 5 March 2020