Gender pay report

We aim to ensure people are treated fairly and equally, whether this is about the way we treat the public in the provision of our services, or our employees in the way they are treated at work. Diversity and inclusion are also key priorities for our council.

We are publishing a gender pay gap report in line with a new legal requirement for all public-sector bodies.

A gender pay gap report shows the difference between the average (mean or median) earnings of men and women. The difference is expressed as a percentage of men’s earnings – for example women earn 3% less than men.

Used to its full potential, gender pay gap reporting is a valuable tool for assessing levels of equality in the workplace, female and male participation, and how effectively talent is being maximised.

Overall, we are pleased that our reported gender pay gap for the current year remains significantly lower than the national average (7.3% vs 17.4% in all sectors).

Read our gender pay gap report.