Community events and festivals fund - funding criteria and guidance notes

The community events and festivals grants fund will offer financial support to organisations to help deliver new events and festivals in Lichfield District.

The total funding available for this grant programme is £20,000 annually for the period of 3 consecutive years; with the maximum grant available per successful event application being £3,000 annually.

Events and festivals are an important part of the business and cultural landscape of the UK. Lichfield District is no different. We recognise the importance events and festivals play in the cultural and economic wellbeing of the district.

The district plays host to a large and varied number of events and festivals every year, from established commercial events to local charity events. In addition, it hosts one off occasions such as the 2012 Olympic Torch Relay. These events attract investment and visitors from a wide area.

Many of the events are run by event organisers and specific bodies, others by Lichfield District Council and city/town/parish councils and take place in a variety of locations.

We are keen to develop an interesting and successful year round events calendar and would like to encourage new community events to come forward.  As part of this ambition we are keen to see new events coming forward to complement the existing offer. So to help support and encourage this, we have introduced a community grant fund.